Four Months Into My Time In Uganda

December 7, 2009

Hello all, I apologize for lack of updating my blog, but a recent Christmas party phone call from some of the most important people in my life has prompted me to work on an update. I have just come home from a week long trip across Uganda to Jinja. En-route to Jinja I stopped in Kampala to play in a Ultimate Frisbee charity tournament. I did not know what I was getting myself into, as it seemed like our little Peace Corps Uganda team that could was always playing against the Ugandan National Track Team…oh wait we did. But needless to say we went 0 – 6, but we were the best looking 0 – 6 team out there…and the only one that did not have to come back for the playoffs, but we got a sweet shirt out of the deal. That was on Sunday and on Monday the motley crew of Matt, Steve, and myself headed off to Jinja, the source of the mighty Nile. Tuesday brought meetings with a dried fruit exporter, Fruits of the Nile, in our attempt to find an exporter if Matt and I decided to dry fruit with our organizations. I also had the opportunity to swim around in the Nile…I hope that doesn’t lead to me needing to see Peace Corps Medical for some water born disease. Jinja has the old colonial feel that one could expect, old houses just shells speaking of their former grandeur, and modern cafes pointing towards the new tourist trap it has become…we all are indeed suckers in the end. Thanksgiving was great, I spent it with some missionary families in Fort Portal on my way out of town and had the one dish Thanksgiving was created for…stuffing…I was a happy man. Time is flying by as I looked at the calendar and saw that it has been more than 4 months since I have landed in Uganda. Speaking to friends and family at home makes me miss being there, but things are not too bad out here. Yes I do miss the fire in the living room by the Christmas tree with my Dad playing the piano, but it seems for now I have traded that for the rains of Africa (yes that was a Toto reference for those playing at home) and glowing of my lantern. The hardest day of being here will be on the 12th, when one of my best friends gets married. Ryan has been there through everything and is about to embark on the journey of his life. I had the chance to talk to him before his bachelor party, and that was worth every Ugandan Shilling, but could not replace me being there for him. But life goes on and so does trying to find the balance between living in community and gaining life experiences. Happy Holidays and Marry Christmas to those at home, and no Danielle, I do not miss Coast playing Christmas music around the clock. To look forward to: World Cup insanity, after the draw and the US playing the British on June 12 Ugandans don’t know who to root for, and coming up on January 16th, Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield, yes that Evander Holyfield, is fighting in Kampala, I’m trying to get tickets.


4 Responses to “Four Months Into My Time In Uganda”

  1. mharriso4 Says:

    David, thanks for the mention! Your Mom’s had a fire the last two days — it’s been chilly. Was 34 this morning. Hope you’re enjoying the beauty around you! ++Dad

  2. Mom Says:

    The fire has been blazing in the fireplace the last few evenings as we have had cold weather. The dog is cozy in her jacket by the heater, but wants to come in when she hears your dad playing the piano. Love, Mom

  3. Bill Harrison Says:

    David – Thanks for writing – Don’t see how you have time – Guess you use more than 2 digits huh? We’re all anxious to hear about your exploits and enjoy the “Facebook” updates. It is 20 degrees here in Arkansas this morning, and a horizontal snow is blowing across the yard. Keep us informed.

  4. Mike Says:

    It was good talking to you Dave. Please keep the posts coming. We want to hear all about your adventures. Even if they don’t seem like adventures to you they do to us compared to our trips to work and back!

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